Played Wingspan

Played at Home.

Scored 62 to the Automa's 83.
Played Wingspan

Played at Home.

Scored 82 to the Automa's 75.

Of the many games I like for many different reasons, if I could only be with one, I'd choose #The Quacks of Quedlinburg (with the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion which I've boxed together)- I can play it with everyone, it's always different, and it's a lot of fun.

I'm still waiting to get Lost Ruins of Arnak to the table...

  • finished our first game of #Marvel Champions: The Card Game; first defeat of Rhino took 3 hours the previous week; second defeat of Rhino took only 90 minutes. My wife defeated him so that slightly increases the chance she'll play it again.  Definately much harder for my family to grasp what is going on than other deck builders we've played.
  • #Boss Monster interesting and fun game.  Hope to play it again.
  • #Scythe first time with other players. Lost soundly, but still had a blast! Can't wait to play it again.
  • #Under Falling Skies two games, one on difficulty level 1 and the other on difficulty level 2 with Roswell city; won both

They are adding hidden thematic backer ideas to the art, get over to the campaign comments and offer up your ideas!

Hahaha, I see what you did there on #Forbidden Desert. I certainly approve.

Gotta say as I read through this first diary I'm getting sucked in.  I love the fact that you can make maps that fit your play style.  Looks like you can be really competative and really mean (what I like), or less aggresive which is good for others.

Oh I gotya, I suppose that makes sense.  I'm in the opposite camp, only because, well I never watch movies.  This will be the exception.

That makes sense.  So it sounds as if from both an art and gameplay perspective I wouldn't enjoy this one like I would the regular version.

Played at Home.

Captain America (Protection) vs Ultron; Expert; Under Attack

That's right! I married someone from NOLA and have done a lot of work in that area. 

Great options, I have never played any of these (except Snakes and Ladders as a kid). Big respect for pulling out these abstract tiles.

Played at Home.

Black Widow (Justice) vs Klaw; Expert; Masters of Evil

Ok, I like that angle for the dog house👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Yea, I am surprised no one has thought of a gorgeous Grandma board game for some reason. Someone needs to get that on Kickstarter ASAP.

Hahaha, I am with you. I would probably end up with #Cosmic Encounter - Lots of take that, negotiations and interupts.

Yea, no thanks. How many Pandemic games are there? Have they not squeezed all the juice out of that fruit yet??

Yes! I love the style of Evil Corp and I love how it straddles party game and strategy game so well!!

If my history tells me anything, I will probably marry #Monopoly. Only like 2% of people who meet her like her, she is a frustrating waste of time and after a long run everything ends in anger and things getting thrown.

Played Terraforming Mars

Played at San Antonio, Texas with 2 players.

Another close but no cigar evening for your truly in Terraforming Mars. Mari had a corporation that allowed her to just keep pushing up the TR track and that ended up being the majority of the difference in the final score. It also didn't hurt her to be able to push her plant production up significantly by the end of the game and be able to plant far more plants than I did. She REALLY knows how to strategize this game. So much so that I always feel lucky on the rare times I am able to beat her.

Played at Home.

Captain America (Protection) vs Klaw; Expert; Masters of Evil
Today's recap is a game that's a bit under the radar Evil Corp. An intense take that game about being a billionaire with goals of global domination. This game is firmly tongue in cheek, silly in places and very competitive in others. Definitely one for people who like high player conflict.

Played at Home.

Captain America (Protection) vs Klaw; Expert; Masters of Evil

Played at Home.

Captain America (Protection) vs Rhino; Expert; Bomb Scare

Played at Home.

Black Widow (Justice) vs Rhino; Expert; Bomb Scare
Played Power Grid

Played with 2 players.

Nice!  Always fun to play with the kids no matter what the game.


Gameplay centers around smashing tiles together in a simulation of plate tectonics. Oros means mountain, and an orogeny is a mountain building period, so the game is oozing theme with an innovatove globe map,  volcanoes, and hot spots.

You are a demigod that can influence plate tectonics to build mountain sites where your followers can build temples. Building mountains with temples is one key way how you score points. The other is by improving your powers on your own playerboard (which is quite large)