How to alert BGA to a deal?

I noticed a game was on sale, but when I came here to BGA, it wasn't showing up yet.  Is there a way to report a deal?

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Moderator Level 156 days ago

I stumbled across #A Feast for Odin this morning on Amazon for $55!  WHen I checked back later in the day it was $99 again.  I am thankful I decided to pull the plug on that one.  I can't ever bring myself to get a game I'm not 100% sold on for $75+ but here so much good about it from others.  Hopefully I'll get this to the table in the near future and try it out.

56 days ago

Thank you and that page has been updated to include the Amazon deal. We do not list Target prices yet but we plan to add them soon as more and more we are seeing competitive deals from them. Your feedback and help pointing these things out are greatly appreciated.

57 days ago

Currently on Amazon for that price as well. And the collectors edition version...

57 days ago

It is for Terraforming Mars: ares expedition at Target. Normally $40 but is $28. 

Moderator Level 157 days ago

I do know that BGAtlas doesn't have any links for prices at Target

Moderator Level 157 days ago

Is it for a store that they already track? It a different site?

Moderator Level 157 days ago

may be able to chime in