My First BGG CON (or any con) - The Aftermath

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I got to the convention early and wandered around a bit getting to know where things were and ask questions.  The boardgamegeek staff were very helpful.  They run a tight ship but are very friendly.

As much as I hate wearing a mask I where one wherever I got for the protection of others and to prevent spread.  Everyone was masked at the convention and this event, despite being crowded, was one of the safest things I feel I've attended in Texas.  I generally feel like an oddball trying to be safe and generally use scientific knowledge well.  It was nice to be in an environment where I didn't feel like an oddball.

I was beside myself getting to meet a lot of folks.  I talked with Rahdo for several minutes about a game he was demoing.  I had a long conversation with Lincoln from Game Night about video editing and some of the recording issues they run into (Lincoln was amazingly friendly!).  I watched and interacted with Candice, Tom, and Trey from Game Brain as they played Ark Nova.  

The game library is extensive and for many, might be worth the cost of admission just for the expansive number of games.  I don't often get 4-5 days to play whatever games I want and I'd likely pay the admission fee to do this next year after having seen the whole kit and Kaboodle.

One of the areas upstairs was dedicated to dexterity games and there were 10-12 games laid out of this type.  Had I thought about it I might have taken more pictures as some of these looked quite interesting.  Behind the dexterity games in another room were the "hot" games at the CON all laid out on nice tables.  Bitoku, Golem, Ark Nova, Gutenberg, Furnace, Tabannusi, and Messina 1347 were in this room.  Many of these games took a bit to learn and were 3-4 hour commitments.  

The vendor hall was much smaller than normal due to shipping issues this year and I think the unknowns of COVID..  I think next year will be larger.  That being said, the vendors were nice and there were several games to demo.  I demod Masters of the Night and it was more fun than I anticipated.  Nice little 1-5 player game that is also Co-Op.

If anyone is considering this conference for next year or reportedly the "lite" BGG Con in the Spring (doubt I'd make that one) feel free to ask questions and I will give my best answers.  There are other features to BGG con sif you are trying to make trades, buy from other's, et cet than you'd want to know in advance if you planned or were hoping for those options.  


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