What did you play this week? (11/29/2021)

(11/29/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Premium User56 days ago

#Hardback - Another game on BGA with the folks here. This one I won by quite a bit. had asked if I liked it more because of that and the answer is no lol. To me it's just like words with friends or scrabble but somehow less entertaining or fun.

#Beyond the Sun - Played this on BGA with a couple new gaming friends. I ended up winning a very close game between myself and another person who was playing for the first time. I mentioned in 's post, this game is one I don't feel the need to own. It's very good and I like it quite a bit, but figuring out all the upkeep and tracking all the scoring stuff just seems like it would be a chore in real life. I could be wrong, but just my opinion.

#Carpe Diem - Sarah agreed to exactly one game this week, so I gave her some options from my unplayed pile of games. She settled on this one and man am I glad she did! This felt very similar to #The Castles of Burgundy to me. Because of the way the game scores, maybe just a little meaner. Sarah won a nail biter and didn't seem to hate the game so that's always good!

#Monikers: Classics - Thanksgiving was a little more hectic than I'd hoped, so we only got to play a single game of Monikers. We were introducing it to 2 of the 6 that played, and they didn't seem to fall in love like the rest of us have lol. Still a good time though!

#The Castles of Burgundy - Speaking of this one, wrapped up yet another game on BGA with the usual suspects this past weekend. I got killed as always despite being out front for most of the first half of the game. I kind of stalled out a bit and hope to do better next time around.

Moderator Level 156 days ago

Lol, you don't even enjoy the deck-building aspect of Hardback?

Premium User55 days ago

You'd think lol. Idk I feel like I was just picking cards based on the combos and not necessarily thinking if they could actually help me spell words. I just don't have that forethought..granted I still won so...

Moderator Level 155 days ago

Lol it's a valid strategy

Moderator Level 157 days ago

Lots of games played this week, definitely boosted by time off spent with family and friends.

In Person:

  • #Dune @ 6p - finally got around to introducing this to some coworkers who had been wanting to play it for a long time. They are all seasoned gamers, so it went pretty smoothly overall. We actually had the shortest game I've ever played, at least in terms of number of rounds - my ally and I won on round 3! I was slightly bummed that it ended so soon, since I felt like we didn't really get a full experience, but everyone said they really enjoyed the game, so I call that a success!
  • #Santorini @ 2p - played with my brother in law on Thanksgiving, and taught my cousin how to play as well. Also played later in the weekend with another friend. I will never stop loving this game.
  • #Patchwork @ 2p with my wife - she says she almost likes this game. I want to play it again soon while it's still fresh in her mind, and hopefully she'll feel more comfortable with the strategy
  • #Quoridor @ 4p - played with my wife's family. We taught some of her cousins how to play and had a good time with it. This is a game my brother in law bought on a whim, but it's turned out to be a lot of fun for us.
  • #Western Legends with #Western Legends: Blood Money @ 5p - FINALLY got Blood Money to the table! I think all of us really liked what this expansion adds. I like it more than the #Western Legends: Ante Up expansion (which we also used). I ended up getting my highest score ever and winning the game by buying tons of deeds (one of the new mechanisms in the Blood Money expansion). If you like the game, I highly recommend this expansion.
  • #War Chest @ 4p - got one game in after playing Western Legends - always love this one. The team game is fun, but definitely less strategic than the 2 player version unless you and your teammate are really in sync.
  • #Santorini New York @ 3p - first time playing this at more than 2 players, and I think that's where it really shines. At 2 players, #Santorini is always the way to go, but the 3 player game here was lots of fun. There's a bit of hidden information with simultaneous reveals, which I think helps to curtail the negative feelings of kingmaking in a multiplayer game like this.


Moderator Level 156 days ago

Very nice grouping of games :)  

Premium User57 days ago

I don't know if I played Blood Money or not.  Definitely did Ante Up.  What does Blood Money add?

Moderator Level 157 days ago

Blood Money delivered a couple of months ago, so if you played before that it was likely without it. Here are the main things it does that I can remember:

  • Deeds - you can buy the deeds to all of the locations such as the Saloon, Bank, etc.
  • Revamped story system - instead of the story cards, they revamped it with a "Legendary story system" that includes a story track. This is WAY better than the story cards, IMO.
  • Critical injuries - if you get injured beyond the maximum, you get a critical injury that really hurt you until you heal them. You draw a card and suffer the effects, most of which are ongoing and have extra negative points associated with them. You have to heal completely to get rid of them
  • Risk die - each turn you can optionally roll the risk die to either advance on the Story track or suffer wounds
  • Travelling trader - a merchant that travels around the board from whom you can buy legendary items

Premium User57 days ago

Hmmm, I don't think we've played with it then.  Sounds interesting!

Moderator Level 152 days ago

I actually got some games in over the holiday weekend, and they weren' all solo plays!  Went to the Oregon coast for four nights with some close friends, their parents, and their kids. I took some time to relax and play games. Here's what I played:

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - five solo games, two at home and two at the coast. Three with Spiderman (lost one), one with Captain Marvel, and one with Black Panther.
  • #Under Falling Skies - two games, Roswell city, won first one on level two difficulty, then played the second on level four difficulty; lost the city on side A, then won on side B. I have not yet played the other cities nor opened the campaign sets.
  • #Qwixx - one three player game- my wife won, always a good thing
  • #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - played year three with four of us, two who have only played it once about three years ago.
  • #6 Nimmt! (actually our French version- 6 qui prend!) - always an easy one to take on vacation, and one my wife is likely to play. She won.
  • #Point Salad - introduced our friends to it. Another win for my wife.
  • #Century: Spice Road - another game introduced to our friends. One of them won, another great win.

I don't think I've played twelve games in one week- ever!  I'm happy with last week's game time!

Supporter55 days ago

#Dice Command Played a couple solo games of this one. It isn't meant to be solo but I don't mind playing both sides. I'm surprised how little attention Dice Command has gotten. The kickstarter funded. Games arrived to backers...and feels like hardly any of them are even talking about it.

#World's Fair 1893 Got it to the table for the first time in 4 years. Kind of forced my kids into it haha. They liked it better than they expected to I think.

#Smash Up First time to the table in a couple years for this one. Took longer than it should have but still enjoy this one sometimes. I won the game with Mad Scientist Kitties.

#Age of Civilization I'd been wanting to play this anyway but it felt like I really should since I had just backed the new version of it #Age of Galaxy on KS. I lost, but always enjoy this one.

Moderator Level 153 days ago

I always thought that Worlds Fair looked interesting. I've played a couple of games by the designer and they both feel original. #Gold West and #Sentient if anyone is wondering.

Premium User57 days ago

Ended up not having an in person session this week but had a good mix of BGA and TTS games this week still:

  • #Gaia Project (BGA): This is one of my favourite games but I haven't played it in a while.  The BGA format just didn't work for me and I actually forgot a major scoring element and got destroyed.  Oops!  I think the quick and easy way I approach games on BGA won't work for this one.  The game itself is thinky and as fun as always.
  • #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar (BGA): I have had a few games of this one but man I am still not quite getting it.  Dead last this game.  Another one I think I would do better in person.
  • #Hardback (BGA) x2: Played a couple of games with the board game atlas crew.  Did well in one and not so well in the other.  I quite like this game.  It's a vocabulary game with an actual decent game around it.  I'm definitely going to be playing more of this in the future.  Works well with the BGA format for me too.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS): Continuing through our #Marvel Champions: The Card Game – The Mad Titan's Shadow campaign we took on Thanos!  Without spoiling anything he was a good challenge with some interesting twists.  Thor, Spectrum (Captain Marvel for old timers.  No, not that one.  Not that one either.), and Nebula managed to take him down.  I continue to be really happy wiith this expansion!  
  • #The Crew: Mission Deep Sea (TTS): Played through a few missions and I am super happy with how they have updated the already excellent #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine.  I'll be picking this one up some point soon.
  • #Tapestry (BGA): I haven't played this one in ages and even then I only played it once.  The implementation on BGA works well.  I don't find the game to be awesome but it's good and a relaxed play works for me.  I still need to fully absorb the game.
  • #Res Arcana (BGA): Played with the board game atlas crew.  I got too caught up in building a bunch of dragons and forgot it's really a race game.  Oops.
  • #Trick of the Rails (BGA): First and likely last game of this.  I won the game but honestly I had no idea how.  It's got an interesting premise of a trick taking game mixed with a 18xx game (simplified of course).  However, the implementation just doesn't do much for me.  Other members of my group had the same experience even after multiple games.
  • #Ultimate Railroads (BGA): Still enjoying this implementation.  I definitely noticed that mixing the base russian railroad with the new industry board changes the game a lot.  I thought I was running a good rail line but got destroyed in the end with a couple of industry players.  Time to rethink the strategies!
  • #The Castles of Burgundy (BGA): This game is still an all time favourite and playing it on BGA works well for me.  Pulled off a close win this game with the scoring technology tiles.  

Another good week!  Sad we couldn't make in person games work though.

Moderator Level 156 days ago

Part of me wants to learn #Gaia Project and part of me doesn't.  I never really got into #Terra Mystica and that's what Gaia Project gets compared to all the time which tends to turn me away from it.  I'm still working on #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar and trying to end with a better point total.  I feel like there is some strategy piece I am missing for this one.  

Premium User56 days ago

I actually really like Gaia Project but did not enjoy my one play of Terra Mystica so there's hope LOL. If you want to try it sometime, I'd always be down to play.

Moderator Level 156 days ago

I'd be open to doing that!  If we can find time for a game over discord sometime that would be highly condusive for my learning :)

Premium User55 days ago

Oh you actually wanted to LEARN the game? :P

I know you at least used to like to play games stupid early in the wee hours of the morning. With the time differences I might be able to make that work some random day when I'm off.

Moderator Level 154 days ago

lol, sounds good.  I can also do a lunch or three of we schedule a tad in advance.  

Premium User56 days ago

I have never played Terra Mystica but Gaia Project is a follow up game to it. It integrates parts of the game better than Terra Mystica apparently. I don't know if it will make you like it if you don't like Terra Mystica though. 

Yeah, there is something I am not getting either I am getting better but not great. I don't push hard enough on tech or the temple track which is part of the reason I think. 

Moderator Level 157 days ago

I've been quite enjoying Hardback as well! I did not know that Tapestry was coming to BGArena. Awesome! I'll have to try it there some time - I've wondered if it's a game my wife and I would enjoy playing together.

Premium User56 days ago

I feel like everytime you post, I discover more and more games are getting added on BGA. Will definitely have to try out a few of these.

Premium User56 days ago

I check out the news section now and then which is where I typically find out about new games.  They have started adding more regularly since they were taken over.

Premium User55 days ago

Yeah it's crazy how many games have been added since then.

55 days ago

Nothing last week and nothing this week planned either ;(

Premium User55 days ago

Real life getting in the way?

54 days ago

Last week ended up being issues with Thanksgiving travels for the one group, cancelled for Thanksgiving and other holiday travels.  Then the family caught COVID so there went gaming for this week.  

The boys are fine and already bored at home and wish they were back in school.  I'm also pretty sure they are the one's who brought it home.

I'm mostly fine.  I have a slight cough and sore throat.  I had a fever Friday but am otherwise fine.  Wife has lost sense of smell, has cough and overall general body aches. 

I did manage to get 2 games of #Dinosaur Island solo in last night so maybe not a completely lost week.

Moderator Level 152 days ago

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for all of you!

Premium User54 days ago

Ouch, that sucks.  I know my two older girls had it at some point as they participated in a study which tested them for it and they came back as having had it.  That means I likely had it and never knew it.  Lucky or perhaps we got it after vaccinations.  

Yeah, some quiet solo gaming can be good if the head is clear.  

54 days ago

The family is 7/8th vaccinated.  The youngest has had his first shot.  Everyone else is fully vaccainated. 

Premium User54 days ago

Good thing then it might have been a lot worse!  Wishing you all a quick recovery!