Chip Theory Games teasing an Elder Scrolls board game!

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The Elder Scrolls - Chip Theory Games. Details Coming 2022. Sign up here to be notified....

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4 months ago

I am guessing there will be dice, chips and neoprene mats :)

Premium User4 months ago

Going out on a limb with that one!

Owner4 months ago

Normally, I'd expect minis to be present in a game like this but that would be redundant when it comes to CTG right? :D

Owner4 months ago

Since the picture didn't get pulled for some reason:

I actually have zero experience with Elder Scrolls and Skyrim. Does anyone have any guesses as to what the game will involve?

Knowing CTG, it's got to have dice-based combat right? Besides that, I'm curious how much of an open-world feel the game will have since all of their games so far have been rather contained.

Supporter4 months ago

No idea, and its pretty far until we know anything, but I'm excited! A company like chip theory games getting an IP like this, theres potential here. Obviously I'll check out how it will be but considering I have tmb and I'm waiting on burncycle, I'll probably buy into this too lol.

I loved playing skyrim a few years back, cool combat and awesome side quest story lines. Not sure how that would translate as ctg doesn't really focus on narrative all that much. 

Owner4 months ago

Right, I'm excited to see how CTG puts a spin on a popular IP! I sure hope the rulebook and player aids won't be even more dense than what we've seen from TMB and Cloudspire..

Moderator Level 14 months ago

Dice based combat... I would guess that to be likely. But in Cloudspire the combat isn't necessarily dice based. 

Premium User4 months ago

I don't either, other than watching friends play it for a few minutes a handful of times. I know there are dragons.... I'm guessing you will have to fight a dragon haha

Owner4 months ago

Lol. I love watching playthrough videos on YouTube. I've only done that for Dark Souls though. I just have a thing for games that make you die over and over again. Hence why I got addicted to Hades a while back.

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