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Board Games by Chip Theory Games

Makers of award-winning games like Hoplomachus, Too Many Bones, and Cloudspire. Known neoprene and poker chip aficionados.
Too Many Bones board game
Rank: 150
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Too Many Bones: Undertow board game
Rank: 902
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Cloudspire board game
Rank: 925
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Too Many Bones: 40 Days in Daelore board game
Hoplomachus: Origins board game
Rank: N/A
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Too Many Bones: The Age of Tyranny board game
Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities board game
Too Many Bones: Splice & Dice board game
Too Many Bones: Ghillie board game
Hoplomachus: Rise of Rome board game
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New IP from chip theory games!  image
New IP from chip theory games! ( Like| 22 comments | [+]
Chip Theory Games teasing an Elder Scrolls board game! ( Like| 9 comments | [+]
Hoplomachus: Victorum - Coming 2021 from Chip Theory Games ( [Hoplomachus: Victorum, Hoplomachus: Origins, Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities]Like| 15 comments | [+]
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Wow, Garphill Games always amazes me with their price. They're all great games and so dang affordable. If and I didn't already have an office copy, that deal would have been very tempting.

Thanks for the deals! I'm curious whether #Star Wars: Rebellion or #Nemo's War (Second Edition) will have some price drops before the end of 2020. I have zero hopes of a deal from Chip Theory Games xD

Nice! I was thinking about you the other day and wondered if you had received this yet and your thoughts, then BOOM you drop this! Your criticisms of the game are very common among all Chip Theory Games lol. Cards are bleh, keywords are a little much and some fiddly rules, BUT I agree with you that the games are very engaging and bring a new wrinkle to your collection that no other games out there bring!

I agree with everyone saying Chip Theory games and Stonemaier games. I think of luxury in terms of quality but also that prices will probably never go down lol. Kind of a separate note, but I don't like when games try to pass as luxury by having a lot of miniatures or components in general.

As my solo play has been on the rise recently I would be interested in checking this out more. But honestly with the price tag of ChIp Theory Games, I probably wouldn't pick it up

They're both outside of GameNerdz, but I have to ask, what's your interest level on games from Mindclash and Chip Theory Games?

I saw Anachrony: Essential Edition on boardlandia for $44 several days ago but didn't go for it. Mainly because it doesn't come with the solo mode and requires you to PnP the ones the publisher made available. The designer is also updating the solo mode and throwing it into #Anachrony: Fractures of Time expansion

My goodness, imagining you with KD:M.. what a beast that would be!

As for my dream game, #Too Many Bones would be on there but that's a highly likely purchase. But in general, games in Chip Theory Games or Mindclash Games' catalog tend to pique my interest but they're always so so expensive!

Solely Solo | Comment

I haven't gone to that side just yet. Yet. YET. I always go for games that I know for sure will be good for both 2p with my wife and solo. Even if the game will only see maybe 2-4 2p sessions in a year, it makes me feel good knowing that it'll be an option haha

There are games that have come close though:

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - We ended up getting a copy for Board Game Atlas, but if we hadn't, I probably would've gone for it even if it's only for solo.

#Maracaibo - I've considered after hearing about its campaign. In the end though, it gives the impression of a game that's more complex (with many parts) than I typically prefer.

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - Another game we got under Board Game Atlas. In hindsight, after experiencing the solo mode, I would've gotten this just for the solo mode. I know for sure that I don't have the right group for a multiplayer session.

#Too Many Bones - I'm definitely hoping to try this out with my wife, but I know that it'd be more of a treat I'd be giving myself.

In general, I think I'm usually attracted to the idea of a game from Chip Theory Games or Alexander Pfister (and why #CloudAge is on my radar.) Cole Wehrle's works will always be on my radar too.